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There’s a difference between “romanticizing mental illness” and “letting mentally ill people know they aren’t wrong or broken”, as well as between saying “education doesn’t matter” and “your academic ability or lack thereof doesn’t define you and failure doesn’t condemn your future”.

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More girls should join boys’ teams so it could be a tradition and it wouldn’t be so special.” - 13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis, the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in its 68-year history, the FIRST girl to throw a Little League World Series SHUTOUT. Her fastball? 70 MILES PER HOUR. #throwlikeagirl #BlackGirlsROCK

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when my dad was in college he had a friend who told a girl he’d take her on a date unlike any other she’d ever been on and so he took her to the supermarket to watch the lobsters fighting in the lobster tank

they’re married now

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If you can touch and hold and support the one you love, cherish it. If you can hold their hand and kiss their lips and play with their hair, consider yourself lucky. Being in love is a gift. Being able to breathe the same air as them is an even bigger gift. The next time you see your love, take a moment to breathe them in and realize how lucky you are to have them. By a very lonely girl in a long distance relationship. (via parkingstrange)

I live in Ireland and I can tell you that it's a completely toxic environment for anyone with a pro choice outlook. Everywhere there are "pro life" signs and pictures of smiling white women with a baby in their arms with shit like "if you are pro woman, you are pro life". All health centres have these kind of ads and all the helplines are guilt-tripping assholes talking about how "every woman wants to be a mother deep down". Ireland is not a place where a woman's body is her own.



A “Toxic” outlook for people with a toxic viewpoint.
This is actually really heartening and great to hear.

Ah yes, a country where a pregnant person will be forced through their pregnancy, even if they’re suicidal. A place where a person’s reproductive rights are trampled all over in favor of a fetus. Great to hear!

- Emily.